Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire Services



From yard cleans to soil levelling, our bobcat can handle the task. Our experienced operators can dig fence post holes, trenching for electrical or plumbing work, spread sand and soil and even lift pellets with our forklift attachment.


Our 2 T tipper is ideal for yard cleans and soil removal. Delivering sand, soil, rocks or pavers is a breeze. Larger tipper trucks are also available on request, including 22 T dog trailers.


Small excavation jobs or trench digging for electrical and plumbing work are completed by our 1.6 T excavator. The tracks close in on themselves to allow access into tight backyards as small as 1M wide.


We hold an extensive inventory of galvanised quick stage scaffolding and aluminium trestles. This enables us to complete any maintenance works on all building types. This reduces the cost to the customer.


We also carry an extensive array of tools and equipment to complete all building tasks. From generators to compressors to jackhammers and laser levels. This allows us to reduce the costs to our clients and perform